About the Software

Urban Graphic 1.0 : Create a limited flat-colour effect by automatically reducing the amount of colours in your photo. Ideal for producing traditional screen-printed style poster illustrations, pop art pictures, cartoon effects, or even graffiti style artwork.

Click on the image below to view the full size screenshot...

Urban Graphic screenshot
The slider settings allow for between 3 to 16 colours in the final image, plus you can vary the amount of smoothing applied to the edges. You can also increase the contrast at the end of the conversion, or randomize the colours.

Works well on photographs (especially portraits) and 3D rendered images. Experiment with different images and see what it can do.

Click on the thumbnails below to view example effects...

example 1
3 colour example
example 2
4 colour example
example 3
5 colour example
example 4
8 colour example
example 5
16 colour example

Load and save *.jpg, *.png, *.gif, *.tif, *.pcx, *.bmp and *.tga formats. You can also print artwork directly from the application and copy the image to clipboard.

example 6
Another 8 colour example

This software offers a quick and easy way to create high impact images from your photographs. Turn your favourite portraits into artistic renderings, make beautiful illustrations for classic poster prints, or create funky pop art and cool graffiti styles. Give your photos a new lease of life!

System Requirements

  • XP, Vista or Windows 7
  • 512MB of RAM (1GB recommended)
  • 6.5MB of hard disk space for installation
  • 800 x 600 screen resolution
  • Adobe Reader to view documentation

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If you would like to find out more about this product then download the free demo version below, so you can fully test for compatibility.

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Download the UrbanGraphic-Setup.exe file after purchase (or the UrbanGraphicDemo-Setup.exe above) and follow the instructions during installation. Select a suitable folder on your hard drive, for example... C:\Cybia\UrbanGraphic. Click on the program icon to launch the utility.

Using the Software

Urban Graphic is very fast and easy to use. Just click on the "Open" button and choose a suitable photograph or 3D rendered image, select the amount of colours and smoothing via the appropriate sliders, then click the "Start Conversion" button and watch the app automatically do the hard work for you!

If your original image was very dark or lacking in contrast, then click on the Revert button and then select the Auto Enhance checkbox and click the Start Conversion button again. This can sometimes help define and brighten the colours.

After the conversion is complete you can boost the contrast or randomize the hue, then save the final image when ready. You can also copy the image to clipboard, for pasting into other applications, or print directly to your inkjet or laser printer.